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Arizona is full of grand adventures-so we've gathered some knowledgeable people to help you make the most of them. Our "ambassadors" are Arizona experts who can provide unique insights and insider tips on where to go, what to see and why you shouldn't miss out. All you have to do is ask them.

Ask Our Arizona Experts

  • Dawn

    Arizona Dawn

    As an Arizona native, Dawn has always had a fondness for our state, whether getting her hands dirty when gardening, or by way of education in the history and culture of the American Indian. Dawn has a vast understanding and knowledge of the American Indian history and culture. She’s more than willing to share her knowledge and fondness for Arizona with anyone who asks.
  • Pagespringscellars13

    Culinary Kasey

    Enjoying great culinary experiences certainly isn't on the back burner for Culinary Kasey. Between cooking as a hobby, traveling to just about every major attraction and city in Arizona, and eating at the local favorites, Kasey has a whole menu of great picks for culinary experiences. Go ahead and send her a question, she’ll tell you where to dive in fork first.
  • Jamie

    Jamie Knows Best

    As a mom of three kids and third-generation Arizona native, Jamie has traveled up and down the state with family in tow. Needless to say, she has come to learn quite a bit about the best monuments, parks, and attractions around the state that are perfect for a family outing. And, of course, those that aren't. As moms do, Jamie is happy to share her insights and help families learn from her experiences.
  • Tony

    Sportsman Tony

    As an Arizona native and true fanatic of its sports, Tony is regularly enjoying the hiking, fishing, and running races that are a big part of Arizona. Tony has a background working in athletics and he’s also a Sun Devil at heart and attends ASU games every chance he gets. There’s no better way to know about something than asking someone who knows. And that’s Tony. Go ahead and toss him a question.
  • Kim-sedona sm

    Outdoors Kim

    Kim grew up in Arizona and has always enjoyed its great outdoors. From mountain hikes to kayaking along the granite dells, she has some great suggestions and is happy to share her best finds. Wondering where to take your next Arizona adventure? Just ask Kim.
  • A11t0535_copy

    Your Guide to Luxury Travel by Lucy

    Arizona is as diverse as Lucy’s knowledge and experiences of it while enjoying her native state. As a frequent traveler, she’s come to have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the finer sides of shopping, dining, and traveling throughout Arizona. Her travels have also allowed her to be well versed in Latin American art & culture and international relations. Want to know something about indulging in Arizona? Ask Lucy.
  • Marjorie

    Out West with Marjorie

    Marjorie has done quite a bit of traveling throughout Arizona, exploring and learning all about Route 66, cowboy experiences, and the West in general. With each new place becoming her favorite, she’s always learning something about it. Marjorie is a great resource for learning or understanding something new about the Wild West. Feel free to shoot her a question if you have one.
  • Wayne_rainey-105 (1)

    Lakeside Lauren

    An Arizona native with a passion for agua? Meet our very own Lakeside Lauren. She loves to fish, float, swim, snorkel, and kayak—in other words, stay cool and refreshed all year long. When it comes to knowing the best fishin’ holes and watery adventures, she’s not wet behind the ears. Cast any question her way and she’ll drop you a line.
  • Mitzu

    Mitzu The Beverage Consultant

    Arizona is full of surprises and attractions that may not immediately come to mind. Mitzu will be the first to tell you that there is a fantastic collection of wineries, tasting rooms, breweries and microbreweries throughout the state that will surely surprise your taste buds. From Northern to Southern Arizona, there is an assortment of incredible places to enjoy and discover. For any recommendations, just ask Mitzu.

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